Welcome 2012!

Alhamdulillah 2011 sudah terlewati dengan baik dengan dua greatest moment in my life: lulus European master and my wedding.. :’)

But, in 2011 I haven’t made another album (2012 maybe? Yeah.. I’ll have plenty of time for my music hopefully).  At least I made many singles in 2011, such as Technonesia, Unspoken Words, Time 4 Us, and the most recent is the classical  Princess Minuet.

In 2011, I had reached my lowest weight in my life since I was 11 years old.. hahah, yes, right before the wedding!! :)) #LOL . Anyway, I think now I’ve gained weight after being a housewife. Arrrgghh…. x(  . From now on I have to do more cardio and no-fried food.  NO way, it’s so hard..  (T,T)

Sorry OOT, just wanna tell some ‘misunderstanding’ jokes:

When I went shopping in Halal supermarket this weekend. I asked the butcher whether he had turkey or not ‘coz I was so carving for that poultry meat, “Do you have turkey?”

“Oh sorry.. I am from Marroco but he’s from Turkey, maybe you can speak with him,” he pointed the Turkey guy in the butchery.

“Not that Turkey. I mean.. Do you have turkey meat?,” I kept asking him.

“Oh no.. We don’t have Turkey meat.. All we have here are meats from the Halal local butchery in Germany. I’m sorry…”

So what should I say? “I mean.. turkey.. you know, KALKUN!”

and at last he understood. Okay, in Netherland you better used Indonesian language, hahah… ‘coz Kalkun is Kalkoen in Dutch. So, it’s the same…  Unfortunately they didnt have Kalkoen there, huhuhu…  =,=


Now, back to the original topic.. =D

Just before the new year, I had a nice daytrip to Amsterdam with my hubby. We visited Madame Tussauds (well, it was my 2nd time there and there were some new figures now, such as Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, awww… =p) and crusing canal tour (yep, my 3rd time for Amsterdam canal tour #boring).

Dam - Amsterdam

In new year’s eve, I simply relaxed at home, watched TV, counting down to 2012… like in the years before, every new year’s eve is family time – in Home. Now with my new-little-family (berdua doanx, hiks..). We had a lovely meal: Olliebollen, Choco-kiss, Baklava (ooh I love this sweet pastry!) and hot Bandrek-Cinnamon.. =D

and today, we just made new-year snack: Lumpia Goreng ala NyoNyo, hihihi…


What are the resolution for 2012? I just wanna be settle down with my family.. I mean, settle everything.. 🙂

I know, that seems ridiculous since I feel like now I stray somewhere with confusion and uncertain plans.  Somehow, we’ll find the way, Insha Allah..