Les Miserables Medley – Cover

This is my cover for ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ and ‘On my Own’ song from Les Miserables..

But I like ‘On My Own’ better than ‘I Dream A Dream’, I think it’s less miserable :p . Funny how I and my hubby r very different.. I really like music (and art) but he’s really DON”T like anything about art (he just keeps asking, kenapa orang suka nyanyi2, nari2, gambar2 gak jelas sih? and I just, hmmmpphh… >,< )!  When I watched this film, for the first 10 mins he just grumbled (why they sing all the time? why there is no action story? etc) and  slept right away… hwoohh….  =,=

I dunno, I think these days I kinda like to cover songs from musical plays, like that one or OST Anastasia

or OST Little Mermaid

I used the karaoke versions, anyway..Really.. I like to explore singing with some touch of emotion, but it’s still a long way to go for me. I don’t have a good singing technique or strong timbre… xD

Just thinking, creating songs for musical plays is not an easy task.. It’s like a story with emotional speaking lyric. and different singers have different interpretations.

Someday… I really want to make songs for musical plays 😀 .  To be performed in Indonesia, children musical plays with full orchestra and fun/educational story! yeay… pengen ikutan maen/nyanyi juga, hihi…  ^__^ #ngimpi