Re-launch TecH@TeaM #1

T@T - Space Camp

T@T – Space Camp

Yes, I re-launched my book. The first TecH@TeaM series, entitled ‘Space Camp’.

Well, actually I wrote (and self-published) this book when I was in junior high school (2000). But, I think now I have some time to re-publish, to revise, and to make better book-covers :p . And… I also plan to continue these pre-teenagers sci-fi book-series.

TecH@TeaM is a team of 5 –> Mandy, Ashley, Andrew, Jamie, and Drand. They are still in junior high-school. They always face adventures! But the most important thing is they always equipped in hi-tech + science.  In this first book, they are the first teenagers to go to outer space! Yeah, could you imagine their crazy experience!??

So, please… If you wanna read, order here:

Thanks…. Yuupss!! 🙂