PRELUDE – a mini classical album

Hey guys,

Last week I’ve just launched my newest mini album (yeah, it’s not an album yet since it only contains 3 songs) – PRELUDE.

All three songs are classical, full orchestra and classical tunes. Yeps, I think it’s a new beginning for me. After years searching for the right genre for my music, I think I found that my vocal and my arranging style are more to classical. When I sing or try to compose songs in Pop/dance/other genres, I don’t have the ‘souls’. You can listen to the songs in PRELUDE here:

First song ‘Prelude to a Symphony’ actually is a soundtrack of a novel (unfinished, ups I mean not yet written, only the draft) of mine, entitled ‘Simfoni Safir’. Hopefully it will be launched this year. The song (and the novel) is about a musical love story of a composer and an audio engineer (whaaat??!) , the setting is in a music conservatory. More less, about student life in music & performance faculty… -,-;

Second song ‘The King Dance’ is a Baroque classical song (you can spot the harpsichord part and the minimal percussion here). I was inspired to write this song after watching ‘Le Roi Danse’. Well, it is also the same meaning in French. You know that I have discussed about ‘Baroque music in French, esp.under Louis XIV’ for my final report of French culture study. That’s why, I was really eager to watch ‘Le Roi Danse’ where I could see how the king love to dance, how Lully had the control of music in French court (although he was Italian), and how ballet and OperaGarnier-Paris were established. Then, I ended up writing this ‘The King Dance’ song.

Third song ‘Sail the Ocean’, is more pop-classical, with some touch or Ireland (I used Bodhran as the beat rythm percussion). My inspiration was ‘Life of Pi’. I just imagine, how to be stranded in a vast ocean alone, no clue where to go, no idea where the edge, just flowing… to find a land of your dream. I like this quotation in the lyric “I sail with no expectation.. go far and far, sail away..”. It has deeper meaning to me. Sometimes, we’re dissapointed by high expectation, ‘coz life will not give everything that you expected. So, I think I will just sail away.. 🙂

I just hope you enjoy the songs… Please also buy or share if you like, thank you… 🙂