Awakening Talent Contest – Vanya – Indonesia #AwakeningStar

Well, as written in the title, it’s also the title of my submitted YouTube video for Awakening Talent Contest held by Awakening Record. I was very eager to enter this contest, not only because I love to sing but I give my high appreciation to Awakening Record that have a great idea for creating this Moslem Musician talent contest. I think it is a breakthrough for Islamic music business, by engaging the power of social media…cool.. 😀

So, here I am… After reading about the submission video rules (and 1 was rejected because I gave some pictures and captions), I was ready to submit. I sang Maher Zain’s song “The Chosen One”, which is the song that I really wanted to cover since I knew it. Wonderful song.. But, I found that my vocal is not very suit with the original range and version (I am so treble). Thus, I re-arranged the music first.

In two days, I made the music…. and now my re-arranged version of “The Chosen One” is more to orchestra (with some ethnic percussion here and there) and I also changed the pitch (the higher the better for me :p). You can listen the full version of the song here:

The most challenging thing for me is the video recording. Why? Yes, because I was 39 week pregnant when I made this video. Funny how one of the YouTube comments said that I should not show only my head in the video, but also the body.. Ha, you would not imagine, how BIG  my preggie-body will be in the video and I guess nobody want to see that kind-of video, hehehe… xD . …and the fact is, now I’m still pregnant, tomorrow is my 41 week and I am ready to be induced (that’s the rule here. It’s beyond the due date and I cannot complaint to wait for another week). Well, please forgive all my fault and pray the best for me for tomorrow… I wish to be strong and more tawakal to Allah SWT.  Bismillah… 🙂

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