[Book Review] One Minute Manager

I finished reading this not-so-thick book last Saturday, while sitting on the bench, under the sun, on a lovely sunny Saturday – Kensington Garden.

This book told us a simple rule of becoming a ‘One Minute Manager’. Do you want to know more about the secrets of One Minute Manager?

Secret #1: One Minute Goal

After a meeting between the manager and an employee (what needs to be done and agreed with), each goal is recorded on a single page (no more). This should take no more that 250 words and no longer than 1-minute to read it. Then, take a minute out of your day to look at your performance and see whether/not your behavior matches your goal.

People who feel good about themselves produce good results

I agree, if we behave in the right track towards our goal, we will be more convenience to go forwards.

1 Minute goal: Look at your goals – Look at your performance – is it match?

If you really know what you’re aiming, it feels so good.

Everyone is a potential winner, some people are disguised as losers, don’t let their appearance fool you

Nah, as a manager, you have 3 choices in recruitment:

  1. Hire winners… but if you cannot find any of them:
  2. Hire someone with a potential to be a winner… and if you still can’t:
  3. Prayer

Heheh…. I think prayer goes first. Pray first in order to be guided in picking the best staff to join our team, right? Then, goes the selection, etc.

Secret #2: One Minute Praising

It is common that in most organizations the managers spend their time catching people doing wrong. You know, for the sake of authority, perhaps? But, One minute manager does the other-way-around, which is, catching people doing RIGHT, in order to give one minute Praising.

How does this one minute praising work? Well, as a manager you can praise people immediately once you catch them doing right. Tell people what they did right and how good you feel about it (how it helps the company, etc). Stop for a moment of silence to let them ‘feel’ good. Make sure you makes it clear that you support their success in the company.

Like a analogy of a whale jumping over the rope. At first, the whale knew nothing about jumping so it must be trained in the pool, starting at the bottom of the pool. Every time the whale swam over the rope, he got fed and the rope was raised. They did this all over again, raising the rope a little higher once the whale made a successful attempt. They were clear on the goal: to get the whale jump high out of the water and over the rope. In the end, the whale won it, achieving the goal.

Help people reach their full potential, catch them doing something right

So, the most important thing in training somebody to become a winner is to catch them doing Right, and moving them toward the desired behavior / goal.

Secret #3: One Minute Reprimand

This part is done when somebody makes a mistake. Well, it is not a lengthy emotional and dramatic anger of a manager, indeed.  There are two parts of doing this 1-minute reprimand:

Part 1: Look at people in the eye and tell what they did wrong. Tell how you FEEL about what they did wrong. Stop for second to let them feel it.

Part 2: Shake hands (or pat?) to let them now you are honestly on their side. Remind them how much you value them to the company. And when the reprimand is over, it is OVER.

Hopefully, using that 1-minute reprimand, they won’t repeat their mistakes again. So why? Why the 1-minute reprimand should be divided in two parts? Well, which of those you prefer: rewarding then punishing OR punishing then rewarding? The last one, right? Trying to leverage people’s value 🙂 . It is their behavior that we do not like, not them.

We are not just our behaviors, we are the person managing behaviors

So, are you ready to be a One Minute Manager? 😀

Reference: One Minute Manager by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson.