Guide Me All the Way – Maher Zain (Cover)

I’ve always been Maher Zain fan… yay!

I love most of his songs.

I think Maher Zain songs reflect sincerity and honesty. I can’t deny that his musicality is above average. Composing easy-listening-pop music for Islamic songs that can touch people’s heart from all over the world is indeed NOT an easy task. He is just so exceptional and amazing! MashaAllah…. May Allah grant Maher Zain with many goodness.

Among those popular Maher Zain songs, my fave song is ‘Guide Me All the Way’ (well, it is actually my 2nd fave song after ‘The Chosen One’, hehe..). I think this song is just my forever wish: “O Allah… Guide me all the way to Your Jannah

Another verse that I love from that song is “God let this world be in my hand NOT in my heart..”  . I guess it must be taken from one of the quote from Abu Bakr, if I’m not mistaken. It is so true, because soon we have to leave this world. We hope that our amal will always continuously flow while we passed away.

Overall, this song is very touching; the lyric and the music in that song…  makes me reflect and contemplate ❤

Because I wanted to make this song more ‘mellow’, I decided to use only piano as accompaniment. So, here it is, my interpretation of my fave Maher Zain song ‘Guide Me All the Way’.

Anyway, I did the video shooting by myself alone, in the campus music-room after the Eid Prayer :’). So it was kinda ‘Eid Mubarak’ cover song. Like Maher Zain trend, I also did the Bahasa Indonesia version, ha! and the video as well… Oh Maher, you really set-up that trend; to make songs in multi-language versions 😀 . Somehow I like it, because in order to reach a tribe/nation, you have to speak their language, right? Good job, Mr Maher Zain!

I hope you like it! 🙂