[Duet Cover] Phantom of the Opera

Hi all…

Please check below, my duet with Ipank (my duet pal from Victorian – the Journey), singing songs from Phantom of the Opera the musical…

The first song is ‘Phantom of the Opera’ theme song, which sounds so creepy. Yes, the last note is so high for me and I could hardly sing it (though I lowered the base-chord but still it was hard). My fave version of this song is the duet from Antonio Banderas and Sarah Brightman. Waaaw… they’re just awesome!! ❤ ❤ ❤ . Especially in the part, “Sing to me my angel…”, the phantom is so scary 😦

The second song is ‘All I Ask of You’. Actually, this is my graduation song (from ITB in 2008). I still remember when I sang this song in front of thousands of graduates in Sabuga :p . A very slow song but you have to bring in the emotion into the song and make it smooth.

Here you go! 😀