Tips for Pitch

Pitching for a business (or for research grant or whatever) can be cumbersome, especially if you only have limited duration for that (5 mins, 3 mins, or even 1 mins). The formula is, you have to pick the right information, the most essential message, with the most interesting way to be delivered to your audiences at the right time.

Before you pitch, first you have to make sure what do you want? What is the purpose of your pitch. This can be to present that the proposed venture will be worth to be invested, or to practice pitching to understand different views and get feedback from investors on business ideas or even, to gain recognition from angel investors.

The main keys in delivering pitch is AIDA (Attention – Interest – Decision – Action). Before you start, keep in mind that you can grab audiences’ attention and match with their interest. Then, you can bring the audiences to make their decision by keeping their level of interest high during your pitch. At the very end of your pitch, hopefully they can make a positive action for you. You have to hook the audiences heart and mind along the pitch.

There are some techniques for opening and closing the pitch. Opening techniques such as tell some stories behind your product, create mystery act, dirty blanket (put your product under the dirty blanket and make people curious about it), or you may start with the word ‘Imagine..’, one word related to your product, and many things. Try to engage the audiences from the very start.

The same thing as closing. It is to wrap and call to action! So, you must have a very strong closing. You can start with expressing you feeling, your vision, opinion, or make a very good take-home message. State your purpose of pitch very clearly in closing, then you will get what you want.

How about the pitch element?

You can start with your market size analysis (how big the address market), values captured (why buy your product? why should invest? what is the extra values?), and team (yes, you and your team. Why you, not someone else should do this? Highlight team’s expertise).

Adapt your pitch to your audiences and your purpose. For example, for seed accelerator  (short-term funding, new project, and small) is different from angel investors (equity, many experts to play with money), and it is also different for venture capital (long-term, need return 10-15x, more solid business).

And don’t forget…dress well…and bring a small pack where you can put your start-up sticker logo/miniature/promotion banner, etc as merchandises 😀 . If they reject you, they may still remember you on the next days.

Good luck! ^_^