[Story Behind the Song] My birthday, new album, new MV “Happiness”!

Alhamdulillah…. Today is my birdthay dan sepertinya akan jadi tahun terakhir berumur dengan angka ‘2’ di depan, hiks, tua… 😦 –> tapi jiwa tetap muda, semoga, hihihi…

Today, I’m so delighted to release my 5th abum “PRELUDE” here:


Yes, you can listen it for free or download for free (just put ‘0’ in payment). For me, I don’t sell my music because it’s just for my happiness. It is such a pleasure for me if there is anyone would be very kind to listen to it, haha… (secara selama ini yang dengerin juga diri sendiri aja).

Or you can find it in this link:


Feel free to comment or send you musical critics to me, I’m more than welcomed 🙂

PRELUDE is special for me, I’ve been dreaming to make this ‘pop-classical’ album since 2013, when I was pregnant with my 1st son. But, as you know, I spent the whole 2 years for my son, so it was unfinished. Then, when he’s getting bigger and more independent, I can find my happiness again in music. I know, I have to struggle as a student (yak, ini gak mudah, sampai sekarang masih keteteran. Nyo ngerasa GAK logis banget di s3 bidang ini, rasanya pemikiranku terlalu random dan terlalu otak kanan di dunia tersebut, tapi yasulah berjuang ajah), dan sepertinya mengerjakan musik jadi ‘pelarian’ saat gak ada hasil yang bisa diperoleh dari penelitian, setidaknya I can do something in another world. Intinya, pelarian dari stress 😀

For this album, I started working on it (apart from the 4 songs: Sail the Ocean, Prelude, The Kings Dances, Simfoni Safir) since April 2016. It’s not easy, though… Because of my schedule (and my son’s demand, also my husband’s), I have to wake up (almost) everyday at night and work on it until sunrise. Well, what for? I don’t know… But I can find my own Happiness by doing it. I think whatever it is that can make us stay up all night, is called Passion… and it makes me happy, surprisingly, like treasuring my own playground.

I really hope you enjoy and like my album “PRELUDE”, anyway :p

Today, also I will released my new official music video “Happiness”. I choose this as the 1st single from my album “Prelude” because it is simple: it’s a Happiness for me.

I guess deep inside we always seek for happiness. We always have some time to do things than make us happy. But, if you come  to a condition where everything cannot make you happy, then Happiness is a decision… You have to decide to be happy or not. and yes, happiness comes from the heart!

Since I was a kid, I used to sing, to record, and to listen to it by myself (ya, I still have the recording of 3-year-old me singing). Silly but funny, but (sadly) it is still true until now.. Although no one would hear  it (or buy it. Yeah, I know, kadang aku yang excited sendiri, ujung-ujungnya juga yang denger sendiri aja, hehe… kayaknya sisi marketing campagin and influence Nyo rendah gini :p), but that makes me happy! It is one way of Happiness for me…

and today I’d like to share my “Happiness” to all of you 🙂


For the music video itself…It is my first video with a ‘concept’, haha, I know I never really think of a music video content… Most of my music video just: me singing in all of the frames xD. But for this, I wanna make a story.

Why Royal Albert Hall? Because it is near my house (literally, tepat di belakang kantor dan 8 menit jalan dari rumah, jadi lebih gampang deh) and it reflects my happiness. I love performing art, I love watching the orchestra concert there, and I like the ambience.

Why Hyde Park? I wanna make it more ‘fairy tale’. I know it was autumn, so I couldn’t make it more spring-ish kinda fairy tale. So, I tried to match it with the colors of the parchments –> leave colors. I hope to make it more fairy-tale forest and trail (unfortunately, many cars and many people there – you know, weekend mornings: people jogging, dogs chasing, toddler running, tapi Nyo cuek aja pake baju ala Victorian kayak orang aneh di Hyde Park, hahah….emak-emak delusional, sok #artis) :p

Many languages on the parchments. All of them means: HAPPINESS. This story of the video (if it’s hard to encrypt the messages behind it): at first I hold the ‘Happiness’ parchment but then it’s gone. So, in the video I search for it anywhere in the ‘forest’. I find my hidden messages of Happiness, in different languages. This means, sometimes Happiness is hidden from our eyes, we cannot see it but it’s just there. We also can find Happiness in different ways, but it has the same meaning.

In the lyric I also mention ‘Happiness needs the way’. Ya, many ways to reach happiness, sometimes not only becoming famous, or rich, or anything, but it comes from your heart. Untuk aku pribadi, sebagai muslim tentunya, ‘cara’ kita untuk “We’ll find the Happy every after” adalah dengan mengikuti ‘the way of life’ islam  😀 . That’s what it means by Happy ever after, it’s a JOURNEY.

I hope you all happy and we find happiness, anyway… because we all deserve to be happy!  🙂