Life Would Begin

Hi everyone!

In case you haven’t watched my 2nd MV after “Happiness”, go check it out here:


it was taken when London was sooo… empty, guess when? Yeah, Sunday early morning in summer-time :p . Look at that Picadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square with almost no people, such a rare view… ^_^

Anyway, about the song.. This is my exploration for only using brass section and jazzy tunes, and cheerful tone (ha! usually I sing mellow and melancholic songs). What do you think? :p . Hope you like it!!

Don’t forget to listen to all of my songs in ‘Prelude’ album:



It’s not bodyguards that makes you secure, be kind and no enemy keep you safe
It’s not your position that makes you’re respected, honesty and modesty keep you honored
Keep learning, don’t give up, you’ll know what’s right
Keep believing, in faith you’ll find the light

Life would begin… as you face all the challenges and conquer them with your heart
Life would begin.. as you look up the sky and convince that nothing is hard
If you believe..

I’s not your make-up that makes you pretty, smile and passion keep you shine
It’s not your wealth that makes you satisfy, love and peace keep us full
Keep moving forward, ’cause in dreams we’ll find our hope

Live our life while we can
even if nobody cares
Live and shine all the way
even if nobody knows