Harris J Concert in London

I first knew Harris J when I entered the AWK talent contest in 2013. My entry was my re-arranged version of ‘The Chosen One’ from Maher Zain. I was not very fit, because I was counting the days to my baby delivery (yes, was 39-week pregnant and singing, ha!). But, I was very very very happy when Maher announced the winner was Harris J, a cute lil’ boy with Beiber-look/style and Beiber-voice from London. MashaAllah, I was pretty sure he’s going to hit the market :p

Then, 2 years after that contest, from the Netherlands, I moved to London. Guess what, I just bought a ticket to a showcase where Harris J was about to launch his debut album (like several months before). That was the first time I saw him singing on stage, Live and his pitch was just perfect. He was with Saif Adam First time I heard the song ‘RasoolAllah’ and I fell in love with that song 😀

Really enjoy bro @officialharrisj new single..#assalamualaikum ☺#harrisj #london

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The story still continues… Since I love the song RasoolAllah, so I decided to cover it mashed up with Safe Adam song ‘Believe’ in Winter 2016. By that time, Harris has become so popular, especially among girls :p . He also had series in my home country – Indonesia.

Then, last night I managed to bring my family to see Harris J concert. So proud of him, now he has his own concert, singing songs from his album ( yes, I also sang along) and more importantly, he did this for a great cause. He visited Africa to see the rough and tough condition of the children there, and through his concerts, he aid the forgotten children. You can also participate by donating via PennyAppeal here.

We really enjoyed his flawless performance in London yesterday. He has ‘fresh’ (= with glasses –> more mature) look and lovely interactions. The live band was very lively and soulful. I love the new arrangement of ‘Love Who You Are’, which is more up-beat <3. Also, ‘RasoolAllah’ song with more drum-beats that makes it so punchy and just great.

You can see some of his performance and music here:

Harris J also did some cover songs, such as Price Tag, I’m Yous, and Number One For Me. All in all, he did the London concert as a part of his UK Tour very well last night. He grew up so fast, perfect pitch as usual, smiley faces, and warm. The band was very good and blend, and the visual backdrop/lighting was also interactive.

Amazing concert with Islamic spirit in the heart of London (yes, in the Church House, Westminster just steps from the Big Ben). Congrats Harris! I’m waiting for your 2nd album, very soooonnn… :p