Tomorrow (by Rhapsody) and the story behind the kid-recording-session


Last August, when he had a long summer break, we managed to record and to make video of his cover version, singing ‘Tomorrow’ from Annie. Tomorrow is his first recording experience. I know, he could not really pronounce the correct lyrics, or to memorize all of the parts, but he’s just a kid, 4 years old 3 months at that time… I wanted him to enjoy singing, to enjoy the recording session, not just to sing perfectly. Just having fun!

When I push him to much, then he will not enjoy it, and everything will be a mess 😀 . There are lots lots of challenges dealing with kids recording, of of them is to KEEP them in good mood and focus. As we know that kids have low attention span, so you may notice that in the middle of the song, he just rumbled something of asked me about this and that – what come in his mind. Oh no… for that you need multiple takes.

…and the problem of multiple takes are: children get bored! If children get bored, they do not want to sing and yes, you end up record nothing. Also, if you record multiple takes, each take has different voice power. My son, for example, loves to whisper with a low dynamic sounds, and suddenly he sings screams very loudly very close to the microphone (eventhough I put the pop-filter before mic, still he likes to ‘chew’ the mic!). Oh no…

If your child is really in the threshold – they cannot cooperate and they’re not having fun – just wrap it! Wrap the session, and just post-process whatever audios you can get. You know what to expect: pity.. need lots of work for pitch correction, need heavy dynamic compressor, need crazy envelope processing.

T_T   .. mommy as a dummy sound engineer don’t mind to take this part, son.. as long as you’re happy and we can get a listen-able song :p

Please do enjoy! ^_^