I think I haven’t posted about my latest music video ‘Home’. Please enjoy the winter-theme coming home style, ‘Home’ music video:

Story behind the song:

Actually, it began when from WhatsApp group chat, my Accellers ex-high school class group (we are 9 and have been like family-bond for 15 years) talked about house. Yeah, some of us have settled, and some of us are still wandering around: like me. Especially for me, I have been nomaden since 2008. I travel around, and honestly I don’t have a house, I mean a real own-house where you can settle with your family. Because I don’t know where and when we (will) settle, so I don’t buy the house (the truth: I have no permanent job, not enough money xD)

So I felt a bit sad and worried about this, I’m almost 30 but have nowhere to settle. Meanwhile, back on those our-parents era, once they had a family, they had a nice house, a settled place for school, a secure and permanent job. Time has changed… I admit that I really want to have those kind of settled life and a nice house, I hope in the near future… but for now…?

Let’s just make a song, about a house of my dream… A place what I should call home. Yes, for me I think a home is not merely just a house. It is where your heart belong and feel comfy, no matter where you are (trying to entertain myself).



I used to dream a three-storey-house with a staircase to reach the stars

And the roof — made of rainbow, with the flowery walls,

and we sleep on the bed above the clouds

Well, I may not have it all now in my life

But all I want is a perfect home

It’s a place where my heart belongs…


Home, where I can live with loves all around

Home, where I find peace

Home, where all the good memories alive

Home, a place where we’re always be wanted It’s a place where you’ll be safe..

Every paths will lead us  Home…

I used to wander around the world, searching for a place called Home

But I realize we’ll find it anywhere, as long as we’re together

More than just a roof over your head to protect you from the outside world

Coz home is where my heart belongs…

Your hugs and affection, remind me of home

Can’t wait to return I’m Longing for home

Home.. Home.. Home…

In London, I also have lived in a place called home, well it is just a student accommodation but it is our ‘house’ – rented with all of the good-and-bad (including mouses, noises, old stuff, etc). Last year, I sang ‘HOME’ Live for my album launch, in their common room… Look how lovely if we can be together in ‘Home’ 🙂 ❤