Welcome a New Age

Welcome a new age.. hey, 30! 

A new age where starting from this year you won’t really count to your birthday… (my son always expect his birthday to come, but for me, I wish I could stay in the same young age, ha.. di surga kali ye, aamiin..)

A new age where you realise that you don’t care so much about you.. No make up, no saloon, no fancy things, no sense of fashion.. What you care is how to keep the household well (cook everyday, tried to clean up mess at home, keep hubby and children happy, etc.), and your work.

A new age where you don’t really care about what people say… Except if they’re your parents, best-friends, or boss :p

A new age where you also don’t really have time and energy to finish all the things-to-do checklist…

A new age where you see your belly is getting bigger, even though you keep your diet, but still.. fat won’t burn! and you don’t have time (well, no effort/too tired/not motivated) to workout to burn your fat.

A new age where you start to see wrinkles on your eyes *sigh

A new age where probably you will also see a grey hair on your head

A new age where you enjoy your career (*sigh again… perhaps not in my case, coz I’m still a student, not finding a career yet)

A new age where the time pace is going faster… we are in static mode, while our children is growing so fast… Our time is in relative mode!

A new age where your main focus is family… Well, for most of us… and you’re in the beginning to posses many dunya things, like house, positions, etc. (perhaps not in my case, again – but yes I wish in the near future)

A new age where you should embrace life as a fully responsible adult… You’re no longer considered as youth…

A new age where you should strive more for you life, in dunya and akhirah…. because now that you’re realise, oh no I’m old already, my time on earth is nearly there, I haven’t done this, I haven’t done that,  my ibadah quality is still the same as twenty years ago, oh no!!

A new age where you should be more grateful to God… yes, we’re not toddler anymore who like to cry every time they find difficulties.. we’re not teenagers anymore who like to complain and baper/sensi/alay when they find problems.. we’re not youth anymore who have more self-time / free-time / energy to enrich themselves, we have family and other people to take care…


A new age where we should put and think about our akhirah first.. I hope Allah will grant me a strong faith and lots of patience… real life is there.


A new age… has come!! Are you ready?

my 10 th birthday,  I was probably still in 4th grade primary school, starting to write my first song ‘Peace in Rain’… I was very happy returning from the USA (as my dad worked there), telling my school friends about everything I experienced abroad #noraks

my 20th birthday… I think I also wrote here in my blog right? Here is the link... Well, it’s funny when I read, so childish. I don’t know whether I’ll also laugh when I read this 10 years again? (if Allah give me that age). At 20, I was very busy preparing for my undergraduate final project and graduation… I finally made it, graduated uni when I was 20.. At 20, I also have met my hubby.

my 30th birthday… room in London is quite messy, I’m a very random mom, cannot put things neatly. Luckily, my hubby is very organised but he doesn’t have time to clean all the mess I’ve done :p.  Alhamdulillah… my 30th birthday, Allah SWT has gifted me lots of blessings. I’m healthy, I have a healthy son and supportive hubby, I still have a healthy parents, too… Alhamdulillah wa syukurillah…

At this time, like 10 years ago, I’m struggling with my study… am really struggling with so-many impostor syndrome, with less-time to study, with more distractions from home/little one, and with my illogical-brain. Saat ini sedang mengejar ketertinggalan PhD, mencoba untuk menulis paper dan sangat sangat berharap semoga bisa lolos jurnal/konf. Aamiin… mohon do’a nya.

Sometimes, I regret a lil bit, why I have to research in A.I domain? A.I research is so fast-paced, we have to keep up-to-date like every-seconds :p . Too many things that I cant understand…

Ok back to my bday! I better list what I have to do and to achieve.. as now, my time is getting near… I don’t know whether I can meet my 40? See my son when he’s 14 🙂  Will I write on the same blog? InsyaAllah… Only Allah knows.. and I hope I can love and close to You more in my 30s, so I can be happy when I meet You.

Welcome 30s… I should be more mature mentally, and in other things… I wish Allah will guide my path, as always.. InsyaAllah…aamiin…